My designs from 3 grams to over 3000 kilos are inviting in their surprising obviousness and seeming simplicity. They tend to bring out a smile and create a sense of well being and belonging in every home, garden and building. For each assignment I aim to reinvent my work and designs. Behind every image there is a world of stories, inspirational instruments and more images to discover.


Interior design concept with excess materials of a network of recycle shops. By adding one design element as a connecting factor this surplus becomes absolutely alluring again. Each product has its own color and shape and non the less fits naturally in one of the (color) families. Visit the special site in Dutch here 

color family ” Dobberen op het Meer” 

Successful inspiration for re-utilization, in which a design- and color systematic, used furniture of different breeds form a completely new, playful and contemporary unity.

Zeker ook door de sociale component, waarbij mensen met een afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt kunnen meegroeien.

Jury rapport Frisian Design Prize

Siamese Twin Table with Vise Versa Vase lamps
color family “Samen Vuurtje Stoken”

Interior project Frisian Campus RUG
download project PDF here 

For Louise Cohen a design is not just what it is, but it is meant to do something for its user and to the space in which it is used. “I can often connect all relevant criterions in a room by using one object only, which brings about a certain spirit of unity”.

Rutger Oldenbeek in Pi [Project & Interior]


In my very first designs little light bulbs were integrated into velvet and woven stainless steel. Since then the combination of woven materials and light has been an endless inspiration to me and it still has a lot more in store. It enables me to paint a perfect picture for any space, both practical and spherical.