interior design concept with excess materials of recycle shops

The modular LIFE IS GREAT Collection
reinvented outdoor living

Enrich the Good Things in Life!

My designs from 3 grams to over 3000 kilos are inviting in their surprising obviousness and seeming simplicity.
They tend to bring out a smile and create a sense of wellbeing and belonging in every home, building and garden.
As a polyvalent designer, I find that color, acoustics, lighting and feeling connected with the outdoors are fundamental components in a design.

ICEBREAKER made of glass without glass
3 monumental lightobjects in theater

moving ladder of light

junction of Euphrates and Tigris

object expressing identity

diameter between 2.50 m and >3.50 m

For Louise Cohen a design is not just what it is, but it is meant to do something for its user and to the space in which it is used. “I can often connect all relevant criterions in a room by using one object only, which brings about a certain spirit of unity”.

Rutger Oldenbeek in Pi, Project & Interieur

EMMA [print TextielMuseum]
Award Winning design for apartment building

WALL LIGHT Large bulbs
7 colors of 1 Watt unbreakable LED

The language of light is a language that can not be put in words. Some artists know how to literately weave that light into their work. Louise Cohen is one of them. The carefully considered design arranges the materials originally.

Gerhild Tòth van Rooij, art critic

with integrated LED light tubes

WALL LIGHT Small bulbs
transparent and mother of pearl glass
>10 uni and multi color

woven stainless steel with rotating LED

WALL LIGHT Larbe bulbs XL
10 meters long with 99 different whites