WALL LIGHT 99 dismountable LED light object

In response to the question of the interior architect to create a WALL LIGHT with the small glass light bulbs for a corner that could not be reached with an ordinary light fixture I came up with an enlarged version with extremely low energy LED synthetic light bulbs. Also I made a construction with wich the whole wall hanging can be hoisted down so the bulbs can be easily replaced without the aid of a hydraulic hoist. It is very rewarding to see the effect in all of the 45 meter long space.

Louise Cohen

10.00 m x 1.00 m

project velvet | 99 0.7 Watt LED synthetic lightbulbs

Three stories high velvet wall hanging for loft

low maintenance light object to brighten up a 18 meter high dark corner

see the rest of the project    published in Pi | Project & Interieur